1500W Plastic Welder Hot Air Gun PVC Vinyl Rod Hot Air Welding with UK Plug

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  • This plastic welder gun is sturdy and very durable,less than 3 lbs,pretty lightweight and compact
  • The welding gun kit will produce a jet of hot air that softens the parts to be joined, as well as the plastic filler rod,a very professional tool
  • The temperature and power of this hot air gun are both adjustable for different melting points,giving you the versatility to work with a wide variety of plastic materials. Note:Warm tip for extending service life of the heating element: Before you turn off the power switch of the welder gun, make sure you turn the temperature knob back to 0 first and wait for about 5 mins till the welder cool down.
  • It is necessary that you practice on scrap material to get the "feel" of plastic welding before starting on an actual project. Plastic welding takes practice just like metal welding.
  • This plastic welder heat gun is good for repairing plastic items like truck curtains, tarpaulins, swimming pool linings / membranes, water tanks, kayak, vinyl flooring, car bumpers etc. This is a MUST have tool for every panel beater plastic welder,hot air plastic welder,hot air gun,plastic welding gun,hot gun air,heat gun for welding,vinyl welder,pvc welder,vinyl heat gun,floor welders,vinyl welding kit,floor welding gun,heat gun plastic welding with speed nozzles

Low energy consumption
Durable and easy to operate
Large air volume and high pressure
Low noise and low vibration
With electronic heating protection system
With adjustable electric heating temperature control system
Comes with One Year Warranty

Colour : green
Voltage : 220V/ 50Hz
Heating power : 80-1500W
Temperature :30-680℃
Heating Power: 80~1500W
Noise : ≤65db
Air volume : 13.8 m3/h
Air pressure : 3000 pa
Air flow rate : 230 l/min (maximum)
Insulating intensity : 3750V
Welding gun size: 13.4 x 2.2 inch
Package dimension: 15.4 x 5.1 x 4.3 inch
Weight : 2.6 lbs

Package included:
1 x Plastic welding gun
1 x English manual
1 x Pressure silicon roller
1 x Heating core
1 x 20mm Flat slit nozzle
1 x 5.2mm round nozzle
1 x 8mm Triangle welding nozzle
1 x 7mm Wide round welding nozzle
Some PE/PVC plastic rods

The welding rod must be the same material as the material you are attempting to weld. Welding PVC to acrylic is an exception to this rule.

The correct temperature of the airflow from the heat gun is very critical to producing a good weld. Too much heat or not enough heat will result in weak welds.

Safety Tips:
Make ensure the voltage is 220V.
Cut off the power supply when stop welding.
Don't touch the heating part.

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