6 Pair Ladies Cotton Breathable Hiking Socks

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Ladies 6 Pack Jeep Terrain Hiking Boot Socks

Are you a Woman who loves to explore? Do you have the right boot socks that you love to take on adventures? Well, we've got something for you: these Ladies 6 Pack Jeep Terrain Hiking Boot Socks. Not only a solid hiking choice but great value for money as they are available in a 6 pair value pack!

These Jeep Terrain socks are the perfect all year round socks for the outdoors. Firstly they are cotton rich so they are comfortable on the foot whilst also being suitable for all the seasons, keeping your feet warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

They also have a cushioned sole and a strengthened heel and toe. This allows your feet to be protected on all kinds of terrain as the socks provide that essential durable cushioning to prevent blisters developing on your feet. The chunky design means they'll be durable enough to stand up to the toughest hikes, so no more worrying about whether or not your socks will make it through another hike with you!

And best of all? There are six pairs in each pack so that you can always have a pair of clean socks ready when you need them. Once you start using these socks, you won't want to go back!

These socks are available in a 6 pair pack and are a Ladies One Size: 4-7 UK, 5-8 US and 37-42 EU. They are available in 4 different colours, made from 80% cotton, 17% polyester, 2% elastane and 1% nylon. They are safely machine washable.

Extra Product Details

Ladies Jeep Terrain Boot Socks
Cushioned Sole
6 Pair Value Pack
All Year Round Hiking Sock
Strengthened Heel & Toe
Cotton Rich Fibres
Chunky & Durable
Helps Prevent Blisters
Ladies One Size 4-7 UK
Available In 4 Different Colours
Machine Washable

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