62CM Anti-Bite Pet Training Gloves Double LeatherReptile Protection Gloves

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[Durable & Safe Material] - Animal handling gloves is made of thickened cowhide, which is more durable and strong. And its cotton lining offers softness, comfort and extra heat protection.

[Large Range Protection] - The long length of the gloves are possible to protect your whole arm from potential hurts, the cover places are wider compared with n or mal gloves.

[Multi-Functions] - The Animal Handling Gloves could avoid bite or scratch from cat, dog, mink, squirrels, chinchillas, hamsters, rabbits and fox. It could also be used w hen keep birds and poultry, and prevent biting while playing with large birds, such as hawks, parrots, lizards, snacks, ferocious turtle, spider etc.

[Used By] - Veterinarians, Animal Control Staff, Groomers, Kennel Workers, Zoo Workers, Pet Shop Employees, Breeders/Handlers, Pet owners, Bird handlers, Reptile handlers and so on.

[Feel Protected and Safe/ Anti-Scratch & Anti-Bite] -Animal Handling Gloves offer the best safety work protection with any animal or any type of work. Our top quality thickened cowhide gloves offer anti-bite and anti-scratch protection when working or training with any animal.


Material: Two layer cowhide + Canvas (best safety design)

Product lining: Thickened PU leather fleece lining

Color: Green

Size Approx: 62cm×20cm

Quantity: 1 Pair


Cowhide leather is not easy to bite through, not easy to puncture, taking into account the thickness and flexibility of good flexibility.
Slanted thumb design, better grip, not easy to fall, convenient and fast.
Long and thick, comfortable to wear.
Take protective gloves when catching snakes, training pets and catching in the wild.

Package List:
1 Pair * Anti-bite Gloves

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