Baby Breathable Non Slip Warm Socks

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Cotton Candy - 1 Pair Childrens Slipper Socks

Looking for the perfect way to keep your little ones' feet warm and cosy? These adorable Cotton Candy Slipper Socks are the perfect combination of cuteness, comfort and protection. The ideal addition to their sock drawer.

This pair of socks will make the child smile all day long. Made from a cotton rich material that's gentle on their delicate skin and feet. This is ideal for your baby to ensure less irritation and more comfort.

These socks come in 10 different great colours, including: Denim, Grey, Blue, Pink, Beige, Black, Navy and more! They are created and ideal for indoor use.

As these are slipper socks they include a non-slip gel gripper design on the foot which is made to grip on slippery and hard wood surfaces. Perfect for when your little ones are running around the house! They come with different patterns on the foot like waves, paws, twirls and hearts!

These are a turnover style for Boys and Girls and are available in two sizes: 1-2 Years & 2-3 Years, so not only is there plenty of choice for patterns, there’s size options as well.

These socks are made from: 82% Cotton, 16% polyamide, 2% elastane, come in 10 different colours and are available in 2 Sizes: 1-2 Years & 2-3 Years. They are Machine Washable.

Extra Product Details

Cotton Candy Kids Slipper Socks
1 Pair Per Pack
Soft Cotton Rich Fibres
Anti-Slip Grippers
10 Colour Options
Turnover Design
Made For Boys & Girls
2 Sizes: 1-2 Years & 2-3 Years
Machine Washable

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