Glarry A Style 8-String Acoustic Mandolin Flatback Acoustic Mandolin with Pick Guard Sunset Colour

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If you are a mandolin starter, or you are an experienced player on some other musical instruments and have the interest to try mandolin that may or may not continue to play in the future, then this is the perfect choice for you. This mandolin uses maple body, rosewood bridge, beautiful sound, ethereal, clean, standard 18 frets for your formal learning.

1. Teardrop shaped body in the traditional A style and f-shape sound holes
2. 8 Strings (4 groups) tunes to G, D, A, E and produces a wide and varied tone, ideal for bluegrass, country and many other styles of music
3. Standard 18 frets, convenient for your formal learning
4. Pick Guard has been installed, and Pick Guard can be removed by itself
5. Free set of strings

1. Brand: Glarry
2. Type: A style
3. Orientation: Right Handed
4. Colour: Sunset Colour
5. Head & Neck Material: Mahogany
6. Fingerboard & Adjustable Bridge Material: Rosewood
7. Top, Back & Sides Material: Maple
8. Strings: Steel strings (8 strings in 4 groups)
9. Frets : Cupronickel (18 frets)
10. Pick Guard : Plastic
11. Scale Length: 14" / 356mm
12. Dimensions: (27.6 x 10.6 x 2.5)" / (70 x 27 x 5.5)cm (L x W x H)
13. Weight: 1.87lb / 0.85kg

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Mandolin
  • 1 x Strings

Friendly Tips:
1. Please tune up the mandolin before first use after its arrival.
2. It is suggested to check up whether your strings are in tune or not every time before your playing , if not, please tune it up first.
3. Please check the scale length is 14 "/356mm , if not, please turn it up  first.

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