HOBBYZOO 21" Cat Climb Holder Tower Cat Tree Cat Scratching Sisal Post Tree Climbing Tower Beige

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Cat tower is a fashionable pet tool for providing spacious room where cats can fully enjoy themselves. What we particularly recommend today is just our 21" Cat Climb Holder Tower Cat Tree! For cat tower design, stability is the most crucial thing. Our cat tower here, adopting high-class wood and rope , ensures excellent durability and comfort. It allows your beloved cat to climb higher and stay stably. Bright colour makes this cat tower cool and stylish!

1. Fibrous and durable woven sisal naturally inspires scratching
2. Protect your furniture from being scratched
3. Odour free, made of recyclable material
4. Cat toys, bring a cat toy, stimulate cat's interest
5. Delicate rattan, made of hemp rope, is preferred by wear-resistant cats
6. Soft flannelette, high quality soft plush material, winter will not be cold
7. Strong and stable base, enlarged base is not easy to topple

1. Dimensions: (11.8 x 11.8 x 21.3)" / (30 x 30 x 54)cm (L x W x H)
2. Colour: Beige
3. Size: 21"
4. Model: M34B
5. Material: Sisal & Soft Plush
6. Weight: 8.8lb / 4kg
7. Load-bearing: 44.1lb / 20kg
8. Brand: HOBBYZOO

Package Includes:
1 x Cat Tower
1 x Installation Instruction

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