Ladies Cotton Toe Socks for Athletes Foot

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IOMI Toe Socks for Athlete's Foot

If you have athlete's foot you’ll know how irritating and painful it can be. Relieve the itching, stinging and burning sensation in your feet with these IOMI toe socks specially designed for athlete’s foot. They are breathable, moisture wicking and protective against athlete’s foot.

These IOMI footnurse toe socks have a five toe construction that separates and clothes each toe in coolmax moisture management yarn to reduce moisture and chaffing, helping to prevent and relieve blisters and athlete’s foot. Toe socks are great as the cloth separates the infected skin in between your toes from touching each other. But, these toe socks are made with coolmax, a particularly breathable material that will transport moisture away from your feet.

These toe socks are also super lightweight, they are thin and are also made of 36% cotton to increase the gentle feel of these toe socks. A gentle grip top with a honeycomb welt design is also knitted on the welt of the sock. This enhances comfort whilst avoiding constriction rings that appear around the contours of your legs. Arch support technical knitting has also been incorporated into the socks for protection.

For extra comfort IOMI’s creators have knitted four different sizes, the better the fit the more effective these toe socks will be. They are available in black and white and are made out of 56% polyester 36% cotton 5% nylon and 3% elastane. They are safely machine washable.

Extra Product Details

❖ IOMI Footnurse
❖ Toe Socks for Athlete’s Foot
❖ Reduces Toe Chafing
❖ Reduces Toe Blisters
❖ Moisture Management
❖ Barefoot Feeling
❖ Arch Support
❖ Gentle Top
❖ Lightweight
❖ 4 Sizes
❖ Available in Black & White
❖ 56% Polyester 36% Cotton 5% Nylon 3% Elastane
❖ Machine Washable

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