Ladies Thinsulate Chenille Hat & Gloves Set

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THMO - Ladies Chenille Thermal Hat & Gloves Set

Sometimes a pair of gloves or a comfy hat just isn’t enough to keep the cold out which is why we’ve decided to combine our super warm Thinsulate lined THMO Hat & Gloves into the ultimate thermal set!

Below are some more details about each part of the set:
Ladies THMO Beanie
The hat has a turnover cuff, so you can wear the hat cuff turned over or you can straighten the hat out to give you some extra length. On the cuff is the black THMO badge stitched into the front of the hat. The cuff also hugs the side of your head firmly so that heat can not escape though the sides.
Ladies THMO Gloves
The inner lining is made with 3M Thinsulate lining. Thinsulate is well known for keeping your hands warm and is considered one of the most effective linings. The ribbed cuff on the gloves is tight enough to stop the warm air escaping but not too tight to be uncomfortable. The THMO logo badge also hangs from the cuff, separating your glove fashion from the rest.

Both hat and gloves in this set are made from 100% Chenille. It is a super soft material and is known to be softer than acrylic. It also gives off a luxuriously plush look, a winter fashion accessory to be proud of. It is also a good thermal insulator, holding warm air close to your body and trapping the heat that is generated by your body.

This set is Ladies One Size and available in 3 Colour options: Black, Red & Light Grey. They are 100% Acrylic and are Machine Washable.

Extra Product Details

THMO Ladies Hat & Gloves
Turnover Beanie Hat
Ribbed Cuff Gloves
Thick & Warm Accessories
Thinsulate Lining
Keeps Out The Cold
Stitched THMO Badge
3 Colour Options
Ladies One Size
Machine Washable

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