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Organic Essentials is a small family run business located in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Our business started with us hand picking natural fragrant botanicals from our garden / countryside and combining these with natural plant/flower essentials oils in an effort to combat our own personal ailments.

Seeing the healing properties and health benefits we decided to share these with our friends and family and were exceptionally pleased to see the positive well being affects these elixirs were having.

We use the finest ethically sourced natural ingredients, full of organic goodness and every bath bomb is personally handmade and wrapped in eco-friendly  tissue paper. 

Our bath bombs have been assessed by Cosmetic Safety Consultants and have passed with Cosmetic Safety Product Report (CSPR).

We have now created our own blend of floral, aromatic, earthy and citrus 130g gluten free, vegan bath bombs (for men & women) so you can also experience the wonderful effects on your body, mind and definitely your soul! 

Our therapeutic natural essential oil pairings with unique healing and health benefits :

     *Palmarosa & Rose 
             Detoxifies body, hydrates skin, reduces signs of ageing, uplifts your body.

     *Lavender & Neroli 
             Reduces anxiety, insomnia, tones your skin and boosts your mood.

     *Rosemary & Peppermint 
             Increases circulation, reduces joint inflammation, re-invigorates your body and mind.

     *Cedarwood & Mandarin 
            Great for pain relief, good remedy for colds, calms emotions and allows for deep rest.

     *Tea Tree & Sicilian Lemon
             An incredible wound healer, aids indigestion and stimulates your mind.

     *Pine Needle & Thyme 
             Strengthens the skin, relieves nasal congestion, improves concentration, protects your skin.

     *Ylang Ylang & Lemongrass 
              Lowers blood pressure, improves your mood and promotes inner joy.

     *Organic Coconut & Bergamot
               Rehydrates & rejuvenates your skin, boosts bodies immune system, excellent calming effects.

Relax, Replenish, Revitalise and Enjoy!

Happy Bathing,


- Length: 30.0 cm, Width: 15.0 cm, Height: 8.0 cm

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