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Blueguard - The Anti-Abrasion Durability Socks

Are you throwing money away on work socks that just aren't up to the job? Some so-called work "work socks" are just standard sports socks in different packaging.

Blueguard anti-abrasion durability socks are completely different. They're scientifically proven to last an incredible 46 times as long as standard sports socks. And they're lifetime guaranteed not to get holes. Blueguard durability socks are genuinely engineered for life.

Blueguard Abrasion Resistance

The Blueguard abrasion resistance is conducted under independent laboratory conditions to British Standard BS EN 13770:3002. The Maxiumum Abrasion is tested until a fabric breakdown occurs (when a hole appears). The higher the maxium abrasion, the more durable the textiles potential.

The abrasion resistance test revealed that Blueguard durability socks achieved an incredible 925,000 maximum abrasion cycles. As a branded sport socks reaches 20,000 cycles and a highstreet retail work socks only resists 35,000 cycles, it clearly shows the Blueguard properties are far superior.

Blueguard's impressive record is down to its anti-abrasion durability yarn. This is down to the high strength filament polymers that are bound and engineered for ultimate strength and durability. Below are listed the other attributes of this special anti-abrasion durability yarn

* Abrasion Resistant
* High Tensile Strength
* High Flex
* Low Moisture Absorption
* Quick Dry

Blueguard Comfort Plus +

A Durable sock is pointless unless it's comfortable enough to wear all day long, even in the most demanding conditions

Blueguard comfort plus + features are:

* Comfort Fit
* Cotton Rich Body
* Reinforced Toe Seam
* Arch Support
* Extended Heel
* Full Cushion

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