Mens Low Cut Cotton Socks with Non Slip Grips

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1 Pair Men’s Cotton Invisible Socks with Grips by Steven

If you're looking for a pair of socks that will keep your feet comfy and dry all day, look no further than the Men's Invisible Socks. These socks are made of 78% cotton rich fibres, which make them soft and delicate.

They have a low-cut invisible style that is perfect for everyday wear and will be discreetly hidden within your trainers. These socks also have natural moisture wicking properties that will help to keep your feet dry and fresh throughout the day, protecting the sensitive part of the foot, especially if you're using them for a morning run.

The ABS anti-slip grippers on the soles of these socks are great for keeping your feet in place while you walk and run around. They also include additional stabilising which will help keep socks in the right position.

The socks come in 4 different colours, so there is something for everyone! They include: Dark Grey, Black, Navy & White. Whether you prefer a traditional black or a classic navy, we have something to suit your style.

These Men’s Socks are available in 2 sizes: 7-9 UK (40-43 EUR, 8-10 US) and 10-13 (44-46 EUR, 11-14 US) and are made from 78% Cotton, 20% Polyamide, 2% Elastane, 0.5% Polypropylene. There are 4 colours to choose from and are fully Machine Washable.

Extra Product Details

Men’s Invisible Socks
78% Cotton Rich Fibres
Soft & Delicate
Perfect For Everyday
Low Cut Invisible Style
Anti-Slip Grippers
Moisture Wicking Properties
4 Colours Available
2 Sizes: 7-9 UK & 10-13 UK
Machine Washable

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