Solar Powered Mini Water Fountain

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  • Built-in solar panel
  • Self-contained
  • Four interchangeable fountain heads
  • One stream
  • One triple jet
  • Two multi-jet nozzles
  • Simply place the feature in a body of water and the included pump will push water through the central spout
  • Can be free-floating or anchored using marginal plants or other features
  • Constructed from a highly durable plastic
  • Weather- and rust-resistant
  • Portable design


  • Due to the fountain pump was solar powered completely, there hasn't battery to store energy, Please make sure the solar panel can get direct sunlight(No Shadow or Cloud). 
  • The stronger sunlight the higher water flow, Please be sure to put enough water in the fountain to avoid water spray out from basin.
  • Please don't let the pump working without water for long time, or the pump bottom maybe wear and shorten the lifespan.
  • Please keep water and pump clean regularly to avoid any dirty or debris to block the pump.
  • Keep the surface of solar panel clean to improve the absorption efficiency

Package Includes:

1 X Solar powered mini water fountain

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