Vacuum Cleaner Robot Super Slim 1500 Pa with Charging Station and 3-Level Cleaning System

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✓【1500Pa Super Strong Suction 】

✓【Automatic & Intelligent And Edge Cleaning Mode】

✓【Triple Filter System 】

✓【Running time up to 100Mins】

✓【Multi-surface cleaning】



1, suction up to 1.3kpa, to meet the different daily needs;  

2, 3 double filtration system, intercepting 6 micron dust, removable and washable;  

3. Single side brush  

4, 7.0cm ultra-thin fuselage, tailored for the home, furniture bottom everything;  

5, bow cleaning, automatic recharge intelligent cleaning mode, clean, efficient and reliable;  

6, FREE MOVE technology to prevent stuck, flexible machine;  

7. When the cleaning is completed or the power is insufficient, the machine will automatically identify the position of the charging base and return to charge;  

8. Single suction mouth is suitable for carpets and families with more hair, without winding.  



filtration: triple filtration

Noise: <65db

Height of Vacuum: 7cm

Running Time for one full-charge: 100mins

Type: lower power automatic charging

HEPA: washable

move speed: 20cm/s

dust cup: 0.6L

Obstacle detection system: Infrared ray

Package Includes:

Robot Vacuum Cleaner * 1
Remote control* 1(2 AAA batteries included)
Power adapter* 1
User Manual* 1 Cleaning Tool* 1
Charging stand * 1 side brush * 4
Additional filter * 1
Magnetic border strip * 1

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