Xiaomi Retractable Dog Roulette Leash Ring Led Lighting Flexible Pet Collar UFO Pet Leash Cat Lead Puppy Walking Running Tractor

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Upgraded MOESTAR Retractable Pet Leash Dog Traction Rope Flexible Ring Shape 3.0m with Rechargeable LED Night Light

Note:These product is from Xiaomi eco-system brand-MOESTAR, there is not Xiaomi marks on the products, please note it.

With more than 30 improved designs, a new upgraded version 2 of hauling rope is launched. Through the optimisation design of structure and material, the second version of traction rope can bear the maximum static tension of 90kg, which is 80% higher than the first generation of traction rope.

Retractable style design, the dog leash can auto stretch out and draw back, you can walk your dog easily. Walk your dog freely in open area with one hand braking, release and recoiling system.

3M total rope length, a delicate balance between free movement and controllability.

Ergonomic TPE anti-slip handle makes the grip more soft and comfortable for you to use.

Equipped with LED front lighting. Breathing lights on both sides can change 3 colours.

Brand: MOESTAR (Xiaomi eco-system brand)
Charging method: Type-C 5V
Battery capacity: 210mah
Product weight: 220g
Total traction length: 3 meters
Maximum static pull: 90kg
Size: 138 x 138 x 30mm

Package included:
1 x Elastic rope
1 x Main body of traction rope
1 x USB charging cable (Type-C)


Breathing lights on both sides can change 3 colors.



The Moestar poop bag dispenser need to buy separately (contain 10 degradable garbage bag).
Click picture to buy.


The original Moestar pet leash contain a elastic belt. If you need buy more, please click the picture to buy.

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