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1/10 Marauder RC Car - Pro Brushless Version - RTR

1/10th Scale

£139.99 £116.66 (ex. VAT)
1/5 Marauder 30cc Petrol Radio Controlled Desert Truck RTR

THIS IS HUGE!!! 1:5 scale petrol powered with a 30cc engine! Water and dust proof servos, 6 LED Lights

£459.99 £383.33 (ex. VAT) £479.99
Backwash Nitro Radio Controlled Buggy 2.4Ghz

1/10th Scale

£144.99 £120.83 (ex. VAT)
Backwash Pro Nitro Radio Controlled Buggy RTR 2.4Ghz

1/10th Scale

£189.99 £158.33 (ex. VAT) £229.99
Beetle 1:10 Scale RTR 4WD Radio Controlled Electric Monster Truck 2.4G

1:10 scale, 2.4GHz radio gear, powerful 540 motor, 4WD system with great torque

£94.99 £79.16 (ex. VAT) £129.99
Bigfoot 1/24 Electric RC Truck 2.4GHz RTR - Spirit
£42.99 £35.83 (ex. VAT) £49.99
Breaker DM 1:10 Electric 4WD Off Road RC Desert Monster Truck

1:10 scale, 2.4GHz radio, oil filled shocks, powerful 540 motor with waterproof speed controller

£116.99 £97.49 (ex. VAT) £129.99
Bug Crusher 2.4G Electric RC Monster Truck

PRE-ORDER yours, stock due in 29th August - 1/10th Scale

£95.99 £79.99 (ex. VAT) £129.99
Bug Crusher Electric RC Monster Truck RTR - Blue Ice

1/10th Scale

£97.99 £81.66 (ex. VAT) £134.99
Bug Crusher Pro Nitro Remote Control Monster Truck - Big Rig Version

PRE-ORDER yours, stock due back in 29th August - 1/10th Scale

£209.99 £174.99 (ex. VAT) £269.99
Bullet Electric Brushless RC Buggy 2.4GHz

1/10th Scale

£164.99 £137.49 (ex. VAT) £199.99
Bullet Electric RC Buggy - Brushed Version 2.4GHz
£109.99 £91.66 (ex. VAT) £119.99
Bundle Special - Conquistador Nitro RC Monster Truck With Free Fuel

NOW WITH FREE STARTER SET TOO! Everything you need to get up and running

£154.99 £129.16 (ex. VAT) £189.99
Circuit Thrash - 1/9 Scale RC Monster Truck With LED Lights - 2.4GHz Brushed Version

Box and Instructions state 10th scale but these are bigger than other models but not quite 8th scale

£138.99 £115.83 (ex. VAT) £179.99
Circuit Thrash - 1:9 Scale RC Monster Truck With LED Lights - 2.4GHz Brushless Version

Box and Instructions state 10th scale but these are bigger than other models but not quite 8th scale

£168.99 £140.83 (ex. VAT) £189.99
Condor Nitro RC Buggy With Free Fuel And Starter Set!
£149.99 £124.99 (ex. VAT) £179.99
Condor Pro Special Edition Nitro Buggy

1/10th Scale

£159.99 £133.33 (ex. VAT) £189.99
Condor Self Build Nitro RC Buggy Kit

Includes everything you need to get going

£154.99 £129.16 (ex. VAT) £189.99
Conquistador Special Edition Nitro RC Trucks

Remember you Glow Starter, Fuel and AA Batteries! You do not want to miss our favourite truck at Liams Bargains UK

£199.99 £166.66 (ex. VAT) £219.99
Flying Fish 2 BMW Electric Drift RC Car - 2.4GHz
£69.99 £58.33 (ex. VAT) £89.99
Flying Fish Nissan Skyline Electric RC Drift Car - 2.4GHz

1/10th Scale, Fully Ball Raced, Waterproof Servo and RX, Powerful RC540 Motor, 4WD, Drift Tyres

£99.99 £83.33 (ex. VAT)
Flying Fish Porsche Electric Drift RC Car - 2.4GHz

1/10th Scale

£97.99 £81.66 (ex. VAT) £119.99
Hammer Electric Radio Controlled Truck 2.4Ghz

PRE-ORDER Due in 30th NOV. 1:10th scale, 4WD, 2.4GHz radio gear, oil filled shocks, aluminium drive shaft

£95.99 £79.99 (ex. VAT) £139.99
HSP 1:8 Scale 4WD Brushless Electric RC Monster Truck 2.4G - Big Rig Style

Upgraded to Pro Version

£262.99 £219.16 (ex. VAT)
HSP Electric Remote Controlled 1:10 Monster Truck 2.4Ghz - R-SPEC Green

1/10th Scale, 4WD, 2.4G

£104.99 £87.49 (ex. VAT) £129.99
Lizard 1/18th Scale 4WD Electric RC Trophy Truck - 2.4Ghz

1/18th Scale

£53.99 £44.99 (ex. VAT) £69.99

1/10th Scale

£126.99 £105.83 (ex. VAT) £129.99
Self Build Raptor RC Electric Truggy - Brushed Version 2.4GHz

1/10th Scale

£115.99 £96.66 (ex. VAT) £149.99
Subaru WRX Style Drift RC Car - PRO Brushless Version

PRE-ORDER Due 30th NOV. 1/10th Scale

£150.99 £125.83 (ex. VAT) £179.99
Trojan Buggy - Electric Radio Controlled Cars 2.4GHz

1/16th Scale

£68.99 £57.49 (ex. VAT) £99.99
Vortex 1:10 Scale 4WD Electric RC Buggy 2.4Ghz

1/10th Scale

£89.99 £74.99 (ex. VAT) £109.99
Radio controlled cars come in three main categories - nitro radio controlled cars, petrol radio controlled cars and electric radio controlled cars. Within those categories there are also different variations such as with nitro remote control cars there will be built and unbuilt versions or with electric there will be brushed and brushless. Electric radio controlled cars are the easiest to use and with the new brushless cars are as quick as the nitro ones. The nitro cars are more of a hobby product than the electric ones as they are a little more difficult to use but once you learn how to use them are great fun and the small engine adds to the realism of the model. Finally the petrol cars run on normal petrol and oil from the petrol station but are much bigger than the nitro ones so are the most expensive kind of car. We have a full range of models across the whole range and to suit all budgets.