Battery Care

Sealed lead acid batteries are different than other types of batteries & require proper care. The following tips should help you get maximum life from your battery.

GETTING LONG LIFE FROM YOUR BATTERY: A sealed lead acid battery does not have a "memory" problem like some types of batteries. Unfortunately, lead acid batteries are easily damaged if they are left in a deep discharge condition, or if they are overcharged, so it is important to charge them up immediately after use & to use a quality approved charger designed for small lead acid batteries that tapers the current charge to zero, or cuts off at the correct Voltage & then pulse charges.

The life expectancy of a sealed lead acid battery is a combination of how deeply it has been discharged, how long it stayed discharged before charging it back up, how many times it has been discharged, & whether a quality intelligent charger was used. It's best not to completely drain the power from a sealed lead acid battery. 


The length of time it takes to charge a kids electric car battery, and how much use you get from a fully charged kids ride on car battery depends on the voltage. The first time you charge a new battery, it will take significantly longer than subsequent charges. For 6v batteries, the first charge should be 10 hours, with regular charging taking 6 hours. For 12v batteries, the first charge should be 18 hours, with regular charging at 12 hours. For 24v batteries, which operate more efficiently than their smaller cousins, 18 hours is enough for both the first charge and all regular charges after that.

The amount of use you get from a charged battery also depends on battery capacity and the power usage of the car. Power usage depends on a number of factors, including terrain, average speed, and whether the car is being driven on slopes. 6v batteries will generally hold enough charge for 45-60 minutes of continuous use, while 12v batteries can hold enough for 2-4 hours depending on the power requirements of the installed motor. 24v batteries vary, again depending on the power usage of the motor, but usually last between 2-4 hours. 24v vehicles which are fitted with lower power 12v motors are more likely to have a longer battery life, since higher power motors consume more power. The best way to extend riding time is to invest in a spare battery or two, and making sure that you keep all your batteries fully charged.

One thing to remember is that the batteries used in kids electric cars are sensitive, and should not be left on charge for more than 24 hours at a time. Leaving a battery on charge for too long can result in permanent damage to the battery’s cells, resulting in a loss of performance or even complete failure. So, add a reminder on your phone, tablet or PC or even go old school and pop a note on the fridge to remind you when to turn off the charger. 

After use of a lead acid battery, always charge it immediately afterwards to maximize battery life (i.e. do not leave lead acid batteries in a discharged condition).