Battery Care

Sealed lead acid batteries are different than other types of batteries & require proper care. The following tips should help you get maximum life from your battery.

GETTING LONG LIFE FROM YOUR BATTERY: A sealed lead acid battery does not have a "memory" problem like some types of batteries. Unfortunately, lead acid batteries are easily damaged if they are left in a deep discharge condition, or if they are overcharged, so it is important to charge them up immediately after use & to use a quality approved charger designed for small lead acid batteries that tapers the current charge to zero, or cuts off at the correct Voltage & then pulse charges.

The life expectancy of a sealed lead acid battery is a combination of how deeply it has been discharged, how long it stayed discharged before charging it back up, how many times it has been discharged, & whether a quality intelligent charger was used. It's best not to completely drain the power from a sealed lead acid battery. 

After use of a lead acid battery, always charge it immediately afterwards to maximize battery life (i.e. do not leave lead acid batteries in a discharged condition).