Extra Wide Bamboo Oedema Socks

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Dr.Socks Extra WIde Bamboo Oedema Socks

Dr.Socks is a brand that aims to innovate when it comes to keeping your feet comfortable. We believe in the importance of looking after your well-being, something that's often forgotten in our daily stress-filled lives. By using high-quality materials, Dr.Socks are able to produce some of the finest socks that help relieve health issues that affect our feet.

Our extra wide socks are perfect for those with fluid retention (or "oedema", as it's often called) who have a hard time finding socks that accommodate their swollen legs. These socks have been designed for those for whom maximum leg circumference is 30 inches. The special knitting technique used allows for the structure of the leg of the sock to be stretched much further than your average dress socks.

These socks are not only developed to help manage the symptoms of the above conditions, but they are made from bamboo fibres. This makes them breathable and soft, so you can wear them all day long without worrying about discomfort or irritation on your toes.

Bamboo is revered to be one of the softest materials around, with antibacterial & moisture wicking properties. But just as importantly bamboo is a sustainable eco friendly yarn. If you suffer with Oedema, Lymphoedema, Fluid Retention and other Size Related Conditions closely related with Swollen Feet and Ankles then these Socks are a must.

These Oedema Socks come in 4 sizes: 4-7 UK, 6-8 UK, 9-11 UK & 12-14 UK. They also come in 4 colours: Black, Grey, Navy & Blue. They are made from 87% Bamboo 11% Nylon 2% Elastane and safely Machine Washable.

Extra Product Details

Dr.Socks Oedema Socks
Super Soft Bamboo Fibres
Extra Wide Fit
Made For Oedema Suffers
Helps With Lymphoedema & Fluid Retention
30 Inch Leg Circumference
Comfortable & Non-Restrictive
4 Size Options
Handlinked Toe Seams
4 Traditional Colours
Machine Washable

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