20L US Standard Cold-rolled Plate Petrol Diesel Can Gasoline Bucket with Oil Pipe Red

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To ensure great durability and safety, we highly recommend you this 20L US Standard Cold-rolled Plate Petrol Diesel Can Gasoline Jerry Can with filler pipe. Designed with 3 handles to save labour when you lift the tank. It is made of superior cold rolled plate, durable enough for use. Large capacity for storing plentiful fuel inside. It is really a nice item for each car owner!

1. Easy to carry by one person or two persons
2. When using for the first time, clean the inner wall first with a cup of petrol
3. This fuel tank can be equipped for all automobiles, ships, holding gasoline or fuel
4. Portable and convenient to use
5. With 3 handles to largely save labour
6. Built-in pipeline, with excellent leakproof ability
7. Anti-corrosion anti-rust and anti-static


1. Material: Cold Rolled Plate
2. Colour: Red
3. Dimensions: (18.3 x 13.98 x 6.30)" / (46.5 x 35.5 x 16)cm (L x W x H)
4. Weight: 7 lbs / 3.2 kg
5. Capacity: 20L
6. Oil Bucket Type: US Standard


Package Includes:
1 x US Oil Bucket
1 x Fuel Filler Pipe

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