Electric Insect UV Zapper Mosquito Killer Pest Catcher Lamp Fly Bug Indoor Trap

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1. The light wave attracts mosquitoes, and the light is accurate and stable, which can effectively destroy indoor mosquitoes by electric shock;

2. Instantaneous high voltage can kill mosquitoes contacting the power grid at one time;

3. 360 ° attracting mosquitoes, no dead angle scanning, covering all corners of the room;

4. Plug and play, stop using after power failure, no complicated operation, no need to install accessories, very simple to use;

5. The light is soft and does not affect people's sleep. It is suitable for living room, room, kitchen and other places.


Material: plastic

Size: 21cm high (excluding antlers), 11cm in diameter at the bottom and 10cm in diameter at the top

Power supply: 5V USB power supply cable

Light color: Purple

Working power: 5W

Built in battery: None

Opening mode: power on automatically

Mosquito control method: electric shock

Power cord length: 80cm

Package included:

Deer mosquito killing lamp X1 (with wire)

Cleaning brush x1

Operating instructions x1

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